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Sean is a senior-level professional with 20+ years of experience in Online Product Development, Business Development and Operations across multiple channels (Web, Mobile, POS-Terminals, Gaming and eCommerce Platforms). His experience spans a variety of different company structures from start-ups, small traditional enterprises, publicly-listed companies as well as medium-sized corporates, most recently as VP eCommerce for Swarovski Professional.



He has a proven track record in the development and execution of commercial strategies, product roadmaps and business plans that have resulted in revenue generating applications and websites, third party partnerships and joint ventures.



His strategic expertise covers the areas digital transformation, technological innovation, business development and the analysis of social, economic and technological trends as well as the regulatory environment.



His practical operations experience has revolved around user experience design, conversion rate optimization and SEO as well as in the development of entire user interface concepts for a variety of end-user environments. He has managed highly complex e-commerce platforms covering all aspects including content, IT, marketing, payment and customer support. Teams reporting to him have included design, product management, shop management, online marketing and software development.



His experience in the digital space has been gathered in such areas as Germany, Austria, the UK, Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada, South Korea and most recently in China (it all looks rather different there!).

...AND PARTNERS has access to a broad range of partners from all walks of digital life. In order to make a success of your projects, we will select the very best and most suitable partners with exactly the expertise which is needed. We have worked with experts from the following fields:

  • Product Development

  • Concept Development

  • Digital Interface Design

  • Project Management

  • Software Development (Web & Mobile)

  • App Development (AR & VR)

  • Data Science

  • Quality Assurance

  • Systems Architecture 

  • Hosting & Housing / Cloud-Infrastructure

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